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Churches of my choice

When I am in Memphis, I attend both Lindenwood Christian Church and Faith Heritage Baptist Church regularly. I have been blessed at both. Lindenwood was the reason I came back to church. A friend invited me and I attended WOW ( Wide Open Worship) and heard Kevin Page and a great band, and enjoyed a nice contemporary service. I was taking treatments for Hepatitis C and was not feeling up to snuff, but I kept attending and my faith grew. I still missed the old time religion aspect of it all. Another friend invited me to Faith Heritage. It is a small church with a school. There is a real family feel to it and everyone welcomed me. It reminded me of my youth in a small country church. Since I have moved to East Tennessee, I have done quite a bit of church shopping. I found many good ones but settled in at Center Presbyterian in Tellico Plains. My Blessing Time went by and I got back in school and was struggling along with the treatments and my schedule. I decided I needed to buy a computer. I put a car up for sale to raise the money. While looking for the title to the car, I found a misplaced piece of mail from Lindenwood. It was dated a few months earlier and I almost threw it away unopened. Something told me to open it and it was a check for an anonymous gift to me for what I needed to buy the computer. Only God could have engineered the circumstances and set the check aside until I needed it. Faith Heritage has led me to some wonderful people who treat me like family. Granny was always there to pass out hugs (she crossed over this year, and will be sorely missed), there are lots of children of all ages. They carry joy with them and pass it out freely. These churches have given me great comfort and strength. If you are looking for a church home in the Memphis area, I encourage you to look into them. You will probably find what you need. Center Presbyterian in Tellico Plains is small church with a big God and a really fine choir. I have met many fine people there and have been made to feel right at home. I have moved my membership to Center and jioned the choir. The choir does concerts in the area to take the message to those in need through music. If you are in the Tellico Plains area, stop in and see us at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday.

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