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Any day on the river is a good day, but, some are better.

June 18 - 20, 1998, were classic examples of that theory. This is a true fishtail. We booked our reservations at Charlie's Rainbow Trout Resort on the North Fork River in Arkansas . My friends, Randy and Barbara arrived at the river on Friday and went out with a highly recommended local guide. Paul Storm, the guide, has been fishing the Norfork River for many years. They began the day by catching sculpins for bait. Then Randy caught a Brook Trout that weighed almost 4 pounds. Barbara hooked into something big and the fight was on. After a long fight she landed the 6 pound plus German Brown pictured below.

When we arrived Friday night they were stoked and bragging. Saturday morning we hit the river at daybreak. Shortly thereafter, I hooked a 3 pound 9 ounce Cutthroat and after a battle I landed him.

We all had a great day and limited out. We caught lots of 1 pound to 3 pound fish, and spent lots of time culling in the live well. On Sunday morning I went out with Barbara and Randy and started fishing with sculpins. Suddenly Randy said, " get the lines in, I've got one". Over the next 25 to 30 minutes we were towed around the river by what proved to be a 9 pound German Brown Trout.

What a weekend!!

Because I maintain this page and use Photoshop, it is virtually impossible to have a bigger fish pictured on this page than I have.

Photoshop, making Fishermen's lies better.

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